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Nexus has over 25 years of experience in providing the finest integrated care for our Medicare patients.

Your primary care physician and team of specialists will coordinate to provide the optimal treatment and wellness plan for you! Start living your best life and call today!

Illumina Medical Centers and Illumina Healthcare have changed their name to Nexus. Illumina Medical Centers, Illumina Healthcare, and Nexus are not affiliated in any way with Illumina, Inc.


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Integrated Care: Efficient, high quality healthcare and service.

Nexus believes that integrated care is one of the best ways to address healthcare cost and quality challenges.  It is a model that gives physicians and other healthcare providers incentives and tools to
help people be healthy.

Putting a primary care physician in charge of a patient’s health plan provides someone who oversees and manages it with the health of the patient in mind, while also ensuring the right actions are taken by the right experts at the right time. Under integrated care, primary care doctors and their teams take responsibility for patients and coordinate their care with specialists, working to keep a comprehensive medical record for each

Many of the doctors and other healthcare providers we work with are accountable for the health of the population they serve and the cost of treating those patients. When quality and efficiency measures are met, they are rewarded.

Welcome to Nexus

Our goal is to provide our members with the highest quality of life under their medicare coverage. With coordinated care, chronic disease management, nutrition plans and much more!


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Helping you achieve your best life

Keeping people healthy doesn’t just involve doctors, medications, care programs and technology. Part of Nexus' mission is to make it easier for our customers to do what they need to do, too.

·  Having physicians and specialists under one roof, providing patients transportation to and from, and filling prescriptions on the spot as well as offering home delivery.

·  Mobile technology makes getting information and health supports easy.

·  Rewards programs and one-on-one coaching supporting people in their journey to develop healthy habits.

·  Nexus also offers exercise classes, nutrition classes, health-related activities and health information.



Nexus Rx: A convenient approach to your medication plan

With NexusRx, and our partnership with SMP Pharmacy Solutions, Nexus Medical Centers is looking to redefine your pharmacy experience.  We make it convenient for you to get your new prescriptions and all necessary monthly medication refills by delivering it personally to your home so that it is always on time. By collaborating with your Physician Team and your Insurance company Nexus Rx makes sure that you are receiving the most out of your medication therapy.

Benefits Include

  • Complimentary Next Day Delivery
  • On-Call Pharmacists
  • Easy Meds Sync Program
  • Combine all of your medication needs into one convenient monthly delivery
  • All Major Insurance Plans are accepted

Programs for Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care management at Nexus includes multi-disciplinary teams that connect people with chronic conditions to the resources and services they need. All our Care managers stay in touch by phone, while nurses and social workers visit face-to-face, and community health educators connect Nexus members with community and social services.

Some people stay in care management programs. Others are in for a short time—for example, when they transition from hospital to home. These programs are designed with the intent of making a difference in the overall quality of life of the patient.

Learn more about Chronic Care Management
If you have a chronic illness, or multiple illnesses for which you take more than one medication, you can benefit from this program!

Hear from some of our patients:

The wait was short and check out was very quick. The staff members are very professional and work great as a team!

Ever since I began seeing this doctor I've had nothing but great positive experiences! It has completely changed my life around.

...The center has staff that are always positive and helpful whenever needed. And the new management is always eager to assist and ask how my visit was personally. Front desk is always bubbly and kind with every patient. Illumina is a definite must try!

...The center facilitated my office visit by providing transportation to and from my home. If you are looking for a doctor who takes the time and actually cares, I would definitely recommend this medical group!

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Professional Primary Care Doctor Near Me in Miami, FL

Finding a primary care doctor that you trust for the health of your family can be difficult due to waiting lists and service availability. Rather than leave your health and wellbeing in the hands of walk-in clinics, Nexus Medical Centers provides outstanding care at our full-service medical centre in Miami, FL. Staffed with the highest quality physicians and healthcare professionals, our team is committed to providing the most optimal treatment

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Primary Care Doctor Around Me in Aventura, FL

The team at Nexus Medical Center is backed by over twenty-five years of experience in health care. We are committed to providing integrated services to diagnose, treat and manage all of your health concerns. We put your health first, focusing on meeting and exceeding our quality and efficiency criteria and coordinate with a wide range of specialists to comprehensively manage all aspects of your health. Our expertise promotes healthy living for young and old.

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Looking for a Quality Primary Care Doctor Close to Miami Beach, FL?

In addition to our primary care services, the team at Nexus Medical Centers provides a range of accessory services designed to facilitate good health. We offer ancillary services, geriatric services, nutritional counselling, medical weight loss, pharmacy services, coordinated care and chronic care management. Our full-service facilities also cater for dental and vision needs, rehabilitation and lab services. Not only that, but you can easily address any health concerns you have with our 24/7 access to healthcare professionals.

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There is Always a Primary Care Doctor Nearby in Miami, FL

Nexus Medical Centers are committed to providing the highest quality care in Miami, FL. With our team of health care professionals and 24/7 access to exceptional advice, we ensure that your health and wellbeing concerns are addressed efficiently and at the highest level of care. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, call us at (866) 363-DOCS.

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Nexus Medical Centers is here to assist Medicare recipients and their caretakers in all of their healthcare needs. Curious about what we can do for you? Want to learn more? Reach out and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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